Expect to see the rare Egyptian Plover, White-Crested Tiger Bittern and Martial Eagle

The staff here at Morgan Kunda Lodge are proud to welcome holiday makers to our exclusive accommodation set in Jarjari Village, deep in the heart of the Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve, North of the river. Our newly-built lodges are staffed by local people serving both Gambian and European cuisine.

Until now it was not possible to spend long periods of time in this unique nature reserve as it was only accessible via long excursions from the South. From our exclusive accommodation, you will have unrivalled access to untapped areas along the Bao Bolong and secret locations only the Guides know about.

Meet the Bird Watchers Association Guides; Karanta Camara, Soloman Jallow and Malik Suso

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Morgan Kunda Lodge is a unique place to stay as all funds go towards our charity, The Morgan Clark Foundation

“None Better”
“Fabulous Place”
“Great location for Birding”
“An excellent place from which to bird The Gambia”
“Relaxing escape from tourists and great bird watching”
“Lovely, friendly place with great birds”
“Great Birding Area”
“Eco Friendly location ideal for Birding”