Is there air conditioning at Morgan Kunda Lodge?

Rooms have a ceiling fan and a floor standing fan, these have proved sufficient for our guests so far.

Which drinks do you provide?

Cold beer, cold soft drinks, teas and coffees.

Tea, coffee and water costs are included in your stay. Beer and other soft drinks are charged. If you want to bring your own wine or spirits from the airport, we are happy to chill the bottle for you and serve them.

Is there hot water at the lodge?

The tank is constantly heated by the sun throughout the day. Weather inland is different to the coastal weather, there is no coastal breeze so there is no need to heat hot water specifically. Showers are lovely and perfectly refreshing according to our visitors.

What are the accommodation boarding options?

There is nowhere else to eat in the local area so we offer half board and full board options. We can supply all food required including packed breakfasts and lunches, should you require them for your day’s exploring.

Having spent the previous 2 nights at Tendaba, this was a real breath of fresh air. Given that this place is well off the beaten track, it really is as good as it can be. The accommodation is clean and comfortable. The food was plentiful. There is an honesty bar for beers and soft drinks and the water was actually free.

Dan Brown, UK