11 January 2019

Morgan Kunda Lodges shares bird list for North Bank Region

Blog by Morgan Kunda Lodges

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28 November 2018

First guests of the season arrive at Morgan Kunda Lodges

Blog by Morgan Kunda Lodges

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30 October 2018

North Bank Birding, exploring new sites for the first time

Blog by Karanta Camara, President of The Birds Watchers Association

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13 September 2018

Top 10 reasons to visit Morgan Kunda Lodges

Found upriver in the northern region of The Gambia, Morgan Kunda Lodges are a non-profit organisation offering superb opportunities for visitors to explore the local wildlife and more. Read more



17 August 2018Morgan Kunda Lodges attends Birdfair featuring in the auction. View the poster advert, giving away a two night stay and three day bird tour with dedicated bird guide. View the winning voucher.



15 July 2018

One of the top bird guides Karanta Camara, President of the Bird Watching Association presents certificate to Chris Packham for his contribution in promoting bird watching in The Gambia.


9 June 2018

Birdwatching in The Gambia. Spot Egyptian plover, white-crested tiger bitten and martial eagles while staying in the heart of the Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve in The Gambia at the new Morgan Kunda Lodges. Read more

31 May 2018

Morgan Kunda Lodges launch as first holiday accommodation, offering exclusive bird watching access in Northern Gambia.

Launching in time for the peak bird watching season in November 2018, Morgan Kunda Lodges offer new and exclusive accommodation and unique bird tours. Read more