Morgan Kunda Lodge is a unique place to stay. Not only do they offer access to untouched wetlands supporting an unparalleled ecosystem of bird and wildlife, all funds go towards our charity, The Morgan Clark Foundation.

When you stay at Morgan Kunda Lodge you are helping the people of Jarjari village.

The Morgan Clark Foundation was set up in 2009 and has raised enough money to build, and now continue to run, a wonderful school for the children of Jarjari Village. Also funding efforts to provide safer maternity care for the mothers and babies of the village and surrounding areas. We have continued to support the wonderful families of Jarjari Village ever since.

Working to improve education & maternity care in The Gambia through The Jarjari School Project and the ‘Delivering Hope’ Project.

Funds for the charity are raised via donations and fundraising, corporate sponsors and welcoming holiday makers.

Everyone involved in the Morgan Clark Foundation is a volunteer. It is important to us that every penny of funds we raise goes towards improving education & maternity care in The Gambia.

The Foundation is based in the Northern Region of The Gambia in Western Africa. To find out more get in touch:


UK office : +44 333 122 5329