Morgan Kunda Lodge is unique as it is owned and run by a Gambian registered charity, the Morgan Clark Foundation (Gambia).

When we make a profit every £ and Dalasis goes to help fund the charity.

Please make your booking via the enquiry form or email us at


The cost of running a Lodge in a remote village in the North Bank Region is much higher than elsewhere in the Gambia. Fresh fish and meat and general supplies have to be transported from the south. The nearest town is Farafenni which has limited supplies and prices are high. We employ only local villagers and pay them for 12 months of the year while the season for paying guests is only 4-6months each year. Our aim is to provide western standards of accommodation and  high quality food and service. Our goal is to make a profit. If we do then 100% of this goes to the charity. We think our prices are fair. We hope you agree.

Following feedback from our guests and the fact that we have a limited number of rooms, we now work on a minimum stay of two nights and on an all-inclusive basis excluding alcohol and canned drinks, see ‘Food’ and ‘Drinks’. However, we will always consider alternative arrangements when required for large parties.

Prices based on two people sharing a twin room with ensuite.

All inclusive £55 or D3750 per person/night  (D = Dalasis)

Single supplement £15 or D1000 per person/night

If you have a party of 4 or more your guide stays free. For parties of less than 4 there is a charge of £15 or D1000 per guide/night. Guides accommodation may be provided in the training centre if there are no guest rooms available.

Special offers:

10% discount if you are staying in the months of March-May or September-November.

Take some time to explore the real Gambia and a taste of Senegal with our 5 night accommodation, all-inclusive special of £250pp or D17,000.


Food is available from 6am – 9pm.

Pre-breakfast is available from 6am and consists of tea, coffee, rolls and jam. For the early bird watcher/photographer.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner is available at times to suit your plans for the day. All meals including breakfast can be taken as a packed meal.

We cater for Vegetarians, please let us know how many Vegetarians in your group when you book.

With the limited supplies in the north we cannot cater for Vegans and recommend you bring any special ingredients with you from the south.

We work around your plans as we want you to have a great time and achieve your goals each day.


Unlimited tea, coffee and water are included at any time of day, just ask a member of staff.

Beer and cans of soft drinks are available, there is an ‘honesty’ box for payment.

If you want to bring your own wine or spirits from the airport, we are happy to chill the bottles for you and serve them free of charge. We are in a remote part of the country where supplies are very limited so we recommend you bring mixers (e.g. tonic water) from the south.


Our spacious twin rooms have an en-suite toilet and shower. There are ceiling and floor standing fans, plus mosquito screens in the windows and nets. See our reviews for comments on the exceptional cleanliness of the rooms (we have the proudest cleaners in The Gambia).

Viewing Platform

This is for the exclusive use of our guests. Meals and drinks can be served on the platform while you relax and enjoy the local birds and the view of rural Gambia. The land from the platform, all the way to the river has been designated as a tourism development area and is therefore protected from development other than for wildlife. This was as a result of an initiative by the Morgan Clark Foundation.

Local Tours

Morgan Kunda Lodge is more than a hotel, it is an experience and provides a level of peace and tranquility not found in other hotels, lodges and camps.

When you leave the north bank road at Illiassa and travel up the dirt track through the village of India towards Jarjari, you leave behind the hustle and bustle of the normal tourist areas to a place where Morgan Kunda Lodge and the Morgan Clark School have become an integral part of the village.

A place where you can relax and enjoy nature and village life at first hand.

You can spend days bird watching on foot from the lodge (on your own or with a guide), visit the school or wonder through the village safely on your own or with a villager who would be happy to show you his home and village. The highlight of one of our guests was visiting (by foot) the ladies vegetable garden.

If you have a sudden burst of energy you can have a game of football with the boys in the school.

Local Guides

Whilst our expert bird guides normally travel with our guests from the coast as part of an organised tour, we also have guides from the village who can show you the main bird watching locations. They may only have a very basic knowledge of the birds but they know where to find them.

Electrical Safety

As a charity we have limited funds and so we have to spend wisely. In 2019 we decided to have our lodge re-wired and brought up to European standards. This has cost a huge amount of money and meant that the luxuries of air con and solar water heaters will have to wait. Electrical safety is a major problem in The Gambia, particularly when travelling up country.

If you have any questions, you can use the enquiry form or email us at

We hope you enjoy your stay and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Please see our FAQs for further information.


If you wish to book flights via Gambia Experience you can do so with the discount code 10MKL18 on their website.

An excellent base from which to bird The Gambia!

This location was by far the best camp we stayed at on our travels in The Gambia. Hospitality was excellent with clean, spacious rooms and large on suite washrooms. The staff were friendly and helpful plus the food was delicious. A lot of time and effort has gone into making this the perfect location to relax, refresh and explore The Gambia. I can’t recommend it enough!!

Dennis Hitchmough, Canada 


Photos courtesy of Walshykitty


We stayed there in November as part of a birding trip. We only had 1 night booked there but changed that to 2 nights as it was so good. It is an area that is great for birding with lots of traditional farming and a great mix of birds to be seen. The lodge is clean and fresh, the food really tasty and authentic and the staff super happy and helpful. Will definitely be staying here on my next visit to Gambia.

Jay Knight, Trek Eco-Adventures


We did some birdwatching locally, but one day I was happy just to stay in the camp on the viewing platform watching the birds in the gardens and chatting to the local children! The peace and tranquility was superb.

Gillian Wood, UK


We walked down towards the wetland area to the west, which led through the women’s vegetable garden and was perhaps one of the most stunning places we saw in our whole time in Gambia.

Paul Buckley, UK