Gambia has such a large variety of birds that we have something for everyone. If you’re interested in conventional birds, the Painted Snipe, Egyptian Plover, Carmine Bee-Eater, and Pels Fishing Owl should satisfy your needs. If you are more interested in spotting some zany and over-the-top plumages and colors, look no further than the long-legged Black-Winged Stilts, the Standard Winged Nightjars, and the White-Crested Helmet Shrike, whose hairdo is sure to make you smile.

Expect to see flocks of Black Kites and Egrets soaring out of mangroves, and a large numbers of gulls and terns lining the coast. Even more astounding are the exotic but shy Yellow Crowned Gonoleks, flocks of sunbirds flitting in and out of fields of flowers, a Giant Kingfisher darting down to snap up some prey, or the majestic Chanting Goshawk. Gambia is a true bird lover’s paradise!