Expect to see the rare Egyptian Plover, White-Crested Tiger Bittern and Martial Eagle.

Bird watching in The Gambia varies on the season and the expert Guides will take you to the best spots for whichever time of year you’re in the country.

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Tours by our Specialist Bird Guides

2 day, 1 night tour

Day one

Early pick up from your hotel, Banjul ferry crossing by foot to avoid delays and pick up the other side making your way along North Bank Road to the Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve, stopping at birding sights before arriving for lunch at Morgan Kunda Lodge in Jarjari Village. You can expect to see the Hawk Eagle, Grasshopper Buzzard, Ground Hornbills, Storks, Pygmy Sunbirds, Sparrow Larks, Chestnut Bellied Sand Grouses and many more different species.

In the afternoon, you will start birding around the area of the Lodge towards the Border with Senegal to see more exotic species like Brown Snake, Bowdoin Snake, African Hawk Eagles, Abyssinian Ground Hornbill, Spectacle Fronted Weavers, Bronze Wing Coursers, Bustards and many more.

Return to the lodge for dinner and settle into your room for the evening or take advantage of the viewing platform located within Morgan Kunda Lodge overlooking the wetland reserve.

Day two

Early pick up from the lodge, making your way along the North Bank of hidden Gambia for key bird watching sights for the Egyptian Plover at Kaur Wetland and Bee Eaters at Wassu.

After lunch, you head back to Barra for the ferry crossing.

3 day, 2 night tour

This tour adds an extra full day to explore the hidden birding sites in the North and includes bird watching by boat through the Mangrove Forests of the Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve before crossing the river to Tendaba and returning to your hotel along the South Bank.

2 night tour – Northern Gambia with Solomon Jallow

You’ll experience a new and untouched birding route as you take a boat trip across the Gambia river to the Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve. Staying at Morgan Kunda Lodge, Jarjari village (adjacent to the Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve), with bird watching on foot direct from the Lodge. Drive from Jarjari via the North Bank road to Kaur wetland with afternoon birding heading to Wassu Stone Circles for the Bee Eaters. Take a look at a more detailed itinerary.

5 night tour – Northern Gambia and Senegal with Solomon Jallow

Enjoy a drive through the countryside of Gambia stopping at birding sights and Njefat Island for Swallow Tailed Kite roosts. With overnight stays at hotels along the way until you reach Morgan Kunda Lodge in the Jarjari village, (adjacent to the Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve) with bird watching on foot direct from the Lodge. You’ll experience a new and untouched birding route as you drive along North Bank to Kaur Wetland and Wassu Stone Circles for the Bee Eaters. Take a look at a more detailed itinerary.


Great location for Birding

We stayed there in November as part of a birding trip. We only had 1 night booked there but changed that to 2 nights as it was so good. It is an area that is great for birding with lots of traditional farming and a great mix of birds to be seen. The lodge is clean and fresh, the food really tasty and authentic and the staff super happy and helpful. Will definitely be staying here on my next visit to Gambia.

Jay Knight, Trek Eco-Adventures, www.trekecoadventures.co.uk


Photos courtesy of Colin Cross, BTO ringer and Observatory Warden.
Kartong Bird Observatory, The Gambia. West Africa’s only bird observatory.