Blog by Morgan Kunda Lodge, March 2019

Morgan Kunda Lodge sponsors electricity supply to mosque in Jarjari village, providing light for religious celebration

Morgan Kunda Lodge proudly paid for the electricity to go from the Morgan Clark Foundation School in Jarjari Village to the local Mosque, for the 28th annual religious celebration Gamo.

This generous sponsorship cost £4000 (260,864 Gambian Dalasi) and everyone involved has been delighted to see such happiness for villagers at such an important event.

For the first time ever, villagers were able to celebrate with electricity, thanks to the Morgan Clark foundation, Morgan Kunda Lodge and the Jarjari Village Foundation. People travelled from the Kombos, South Bank, central and upper river regions, Dakar Senegal as well as Guinea Bissau. The ceremony started at 2pm on 23rd March until 7am on the 24th March.

Thanks to the Morgan Clark Foundation and with mains electricity now supplied to the area, this will become an even better celebration for years to come.

The Morgan Clark Foundation is working to improve education and maternity care in The Gambia. Established in 2011, the school has over 300 pupils with graduates now in further education. The maternity care helps reduce mortality rates and provides much needed clinical supplies. The foundation supports the local clinic and traditional birth attendants with medical training.

Morgan Kunda Lodge opened in November 2018 providing the first tourist accommodation in the North Bank, allowing guests and bird watchers to enjoy the Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve and surrounding area. The lodge provides employment for local villagers and has excellent 5 star ratings on TripAdvisor from guests around the world.

If you wish to make a donation to any of these causes, you can visit our donation page at The Morgan Clark Foundation.

About Morgan Kunda Lodge

Morgan Kunda Lodge is a unique place to stay as it is run by a Gambian registered charity The Morgan Clark Foundation.

The Foundation supports Education and Midwifery Healthcare and is pioneering the development of responsible tourism in the North Bank Region.