Morgan Kunda Lodge has teamed up with The Gambia Experience, Paul Sterry (Founder and Director, Bird Photographer of the Year) and Andrew Cleave MBE to extend the Gambian birding season, bringing it forward a month into October. The aim is to allow visitors to see grassland and savannah birds at their very best; in spectacular breeding plumage, which is lost as the season progresses. In future this will provide guests with an exciting opportunity to book specialist bird photography tours and explore the untouched habitat of the North Bank Region.

Karanta Camara (President of Bird Watchers Association) and a team of guides have explored new bird sites and tours in Northern Gambia and Senegal that, until now, have not been easily accessible from the Gambia. With the birders new base camp at Morgan Kunda Lodge, located close to the Senegal border, it is now possible to stay in a Western standard lodge and explore some unique birding sites in Senegal. 

At the right time of year, a visit to pools and river margins should produce exceptional views of the iconic Egyptian Plover along with an abundance of waterfowl, waders and egrets. Overhead you might see a dozen or more species of bird of prey including Beaudouin’s Snake-eagle, Martial Eagle, Dark-chanting Goshawk, African Harrier-hawk and the extraordinary Bataleur. Savannah trees are home to a range of sunbird and weaver species and Yellow-crowned Gonolek amongst the numerous resident species, plus European migrants that winter in the region. Straying toward the neighbouring border of Senegal and venturing into that country keep your eyes open for Northern Anteater-chats, Chestnut-bellied Starlings, Speckle-fronted Weavers, and African Swallow-tailed Kite, plus two giants of the bird world: Abyssinian Ground-hornbill and Savile’s Bustards. The grasslands that fringe Morgan Kunda Lodge are home to the bizarrely-named Exclamatory Whydah, a host of finches and several species of bishops.

All tours are bespoke and provided by expert local bird guides. The tours can vary from two nights to five nights and can include a night in Kaolack, Senegal. Tours can be booked directly via Morgan Kunda Lodge. Prices start from £45 per person per day, including transport, expert bird guides, tolls, ferry’s and entrance fees (where applicable).

Morgan Kunda Lodge is now easily accessible from the south via the new Senegambia Bridge and benefits from mains electricity. Together with plans to develop the nature reserve with bird hides and water holes, Morgan Kunda Lodge is fast becoming the centre for birders and naturalists in the North Bank Region.

Morgan Kunda Lodge continues its quest for biodiversity, developing a community-based conservation programme that benefits and educates local people, and protects and enhances native key species. This programme includes; new bird hides, water pools, flowers and trees with shade encouraging habitat restoration, natural bee-keeping and established bird trails led by guides from the local community, demonstrating responsible tourism, conservation and the generation of funds going back to the village.

Morgan Kunda Lodge offers grassland, wetland rivers and marshes, plus native savannah woodland, all of which are within easy reach by foot or by car. The new bird pools and water holes ensure wildlife continues to visit the Lodge every day, so guests can view the species on site in shaded seated areas.

Stay at Morgan Kunda Lodge for £48 all-inclusive per person, per night, based on two people sharing a twin bed en-suite room.

Visit to book your experience. Spectacular bird watching and sightseeing tours can be arranged combining the wonders of the Gambian North Region and key locations in Senegal, all from your base at Morgan Kunda Lodge.