Expect to see the rare Egyptian Plover, White-Crested Tiger Bittern and Martial Eagle




Gambia has such a large variety of birds that we have something for everyone

Gambia has one of the highest concentration of birds per square mile anywhere in the World.

Some of our most vibrant birds include the Turacos, Sunbirds and Parrots, while the Fire Finches, Waxbills, and Cordon Bleus might be a bit more familiar but no less beautiful.

By traveling to Gambia to bird watch, you’ll see hundreds of exotic birds not found in your home country! During a typical three-day trip, and with our help, you can expect to see between 125-150 species of birds, including resident birds and migratory birds. If you’re really lucky, you might even see well over 200 different species of birds!

Some of the birds you are going to see include: the Verrauxs Eagle Owl, Long Tailed Nightjar & Egyptian Plover. The variety and accessibility of natural bird habitats in Gambia lends itself to an adventure that is not just about the number of birds seen, but the experience as well!

Martial Eagles and Pelicans

If you’re looking forward to spotting larger birds than you would at home then the Martial Eagles, Verrauxs Eagle Owls, two species of pelicans and the Goliath Heron should all satisfy that urge.

Bird Watchers Association Tours

Visitors to Morgan Kunda Lodges take the Bird Watchers Association Tours and regularly see the Painted Snipe, Egyptian Plover, Carmine Bee-Eater and Pels Fishing Owl.

Some of the birds have more over-the-top plumages and colours, such as, the long-legged Black-Winged Stilts, the Standard Winged Nightjars and the White-Crested Helmet Shrike.

You can expect to see flocks of Black Kites and Egrets soaring out of mangroves and large numbers of Gulls and Terns lining the coast when you come to visit.

Even more astounding are the exotic, but shy, Yellow Crowned Gonoleks, flocks of Sunbirds flitting in and out of fields of flowers, a Giant Kingfisher darting down to snap up some prey or the majestic Chanting Goshawk.

Gambia is a true bird lover’s paradise! 

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