Thank you to all our customers who have stayed with us. We have included a few of your reviews to share with other guests. You can also visit our TripAdvisor page.


Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful visit to your lodge.  I hope the children at the school enjoyed the few school supplies I brought.  Wish it could have been more but I will contribute a little something to your foundation. Attached are a few photos. They are not great photos but hopefully some of the others, with the huge lens, will have better one to share.

Again a BIG THANK YOU to you and your staff for a very warm welcome…….Oh, and the food was delicious!

Barbara Reid, Canada


I had a nice time at Morgan Kunda Lodge, thank you! I especially enjoyed the little tower/elevated platform. Lamin was very helpful, too. It was nice to have electricity at night and a blanket in case it got cold (I have been cold in other lodges were they did not provide such a commodity). I was surprised to not find mosquito nets over the beds, although it wasn’t much of a problem.

Alexander, USA


I really enjoyed my time in the Gambia, especially our time in Jarjari. I’ve attached a couple photos for you. I have an opportunity to return to the Gambia in May but have not yet decided for how long I will be there.

Kate La Plante, UK