From the beautiful grounds of the Morgan Kunda Lodges, you can visit a number of nature reserves and experience many wonderful trips, with professional Guides who will ensure you enjoy every moment of your stay with us. Below you can see a number of the areas our Guides can take you to visit during your stay.

Some of the unforgettable experiences you can enjoy include:

  • The Morgan Kunda Lodges have opened up a huge opportunity for bird watchers to experience the incredible migratory birds of Northern Gambia. Read more about the tours
  • Enjoy a 5 night or 2 night bird watching tour with one of Gambia’s finest guides, Solomon Jallow. When combined with our exclusive accommodation and secret locations… your best birding experience awaits!
  • Local guides can take you on nature walks
  • Enjoy boating along the Kachang River
  • We can organise fishing trips with local fishermen
  • Visit the historic Wassu Stone Circles
  • Don’t miss an excursion to the neighbouring Senegal to experience even more wildlife, such as walking with lions

Along with enjoying a true sense of life in The Gambia, living with the rural community.

We look forward to welcoming you to our village!